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We regret to report the sad demise of our following members. We offer our sincere condolences to the bereaved families and pray to God to give them strength to stand such an irreparable loss. We pray for peace to the divine souls.

Late Mr. Kimjibhai P. Shah
Membership No: L 0454. Passed away on Fri. 11th Feb. 2022.

Late Mr. Prakash P. Pradhan
Membership No: O 143. Passed away on Fri. 17th Dec. 2021.

Late Mr. Pradeep S. Dixit
Membership No: L0480. Passed away on Wed. 20th Dec. 2021.

Late Mr. Pradeep N. Rege
Membership No: L0561. Passed away on Tues. 5th Oct 2021.

Mr. Pradeep Rege served Dadar Club as President for 12 years from 2002 till 2014. He was the President from the conception till the completion of Dadar Club new building.
Late Mr. Rajshekhar B. Patil
Membership No: N171. Passed away on Sun. 8th Sep 2021.

Late Mr. Rambhau B. Dhas
Membership No: L 1623. Passed away on Sun. 16th May 2021.

Late Mr. Ramesh V. Wani
Membership No: N 035. Passed away on Tues. 4th May 2021.

Late Mr. Ulhas J. Karkhanis
Membership No: O 372. Passed away on Wed. 28th Apr. 2021.

Late Dr. B. V. Khare
Membership No: L 0228. Passed away on Sun. 25th Apr. 2021.

Late Mr. Lalit J. Boricha
Membership No: L 1246. Passed away on Wed. 13th Jan. 2021.

Late Mr. Lalit N. Haria
Membership No: L 0545. Passed away on Wed. 30th Dec. 2020.

Late Mr. Shrikant D. Dhumal
Membership No: L 1243. Passed away on Thu. 1st Oct. 2020.

Late Ms. Roza V. Deshpande
Membership No: S 0072. Passed away on Sat. 20th Sep. 2020.
Ms. Roza Deshpande was an Indian politician of the United Communist Party of India. She was a member of the 5th Lok Sabha from Bombay Central constituency as a CPI candidate.

Late Mr. Madhav C. Thosar
Membership No: L 0214. Passed away on Mon. 10th Aug. 2020.
Mr. Trustee had served Dadar Club as a Trustee. We will always remember his great contribution during the construction of new Dadar Club building.

Late Mr. Ashok D. Korgaonkar
Membership No: O 394. Passed away on Thu. 23rd Jul. 2020

Late Mr. Chandrashekhar J. Shenoy
Membership No: L 301. Passed away on Sun. 28th Jun. 2020

Late Mr. Dilabagsinha (Dilu) Y. Hamrapurkar
Membership No: L 1238. Passed away on Thu. 21st May. 2020

Late Mr. Ramchandra (Nana) A. Kamat
Membership No: L 0069. Passed away on Wed. 19th Apr. 2020

Late Mr. Manohar N. Sansgiri
Membership No: L 0314. Passed away on Wed. 25th Mar. 2020

Late Mr. Dhirajlal Keshavji Gada
Membership No: L 0588 . Passed away on Sat. 10th Mar. 2020

Late Mr. Chandrakant M. Hattangadi
Membership No: O 026 . Passed away on Sat. 18th Jan. 2020

Late Mr. Surendra B. Kamat
Membership No: N 025 . Founder of Vidyasagar classes, Dadar. Passed away on Sun. 8th Nov. 2019

Late Mr. Suresh Baburao Malpekar
Membership No: O 0283 . Passed away on Sat. 30th Nov. 2019

Late Mr. Suresh S. Bapat
Membership No: L 0975 . Passed away on Mon. 14th Oct. 2019

Late Mr. Kailash U. Palani
Membership No: L 1535 . Passed away on Thu. 6th Sep. 2019

Late Mr. Jadavji C. Kothari
Membership No: L 0242 . Passed away on Thu. 11th July 2019

He was well known as CHACHU amongst the members who was one of the most senior Members (95) & was Ex. President, Dadar Club)

Late Mr. Vijay V. Hanchate
Membership No: L 1682 . Passed away on Tues. 9th July 2019

Late Mr. Harish Parekh aka Hadu
Membership No: L 0394 . Passed away on Fri. 28th June 2019

Late Mr. Bandu S, Patil
Membership No: O 390 . Passed away on Wed, 20th Mar. 2019

Late Mr. Kirit Desai
Membership No: O 090 . Passed away on 23rd Feb. 2019

Prayer meeting
On 28th February Thursday between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Popular Apartment, 37 Tagore road, Santacruz West, Opposite Laxminarayan temple, Mumbai 400054.
Late Mr. Shreekrishna Malpekar
Membership No: O 368 . Passed away on 25th Jan. 2019

Late Mr. Ashok Patankar
Membership No: O 381 . Passed away on 27th Jan. 2019

Late Mr. Prabhakar R. Bapat
Membership No: O 431 . Passed away on 23rd Jan. 2019

Late Mr. Girish Deshmukh
Membership No: L - 0511 . Passed away on 30th Dec. 2018

Late Mr. Vilas A Gangan
Membership No: O - 486 . Passed away on 4th Oct. 2018

Late Mr. Nitish Tipnis
Membership No: L - 1807. Passed away on 4th Sep. 2018

Late Mr. Sudheer Phadke
Membership No: O - 0476. Passed away on 18th July 2018

Late Mr. M. K. Kshirsagar
Membership No: O - 153. Passed away on 7th July 2018

Late. Mr. Ralph P Coutinho
Membership No: N - 127. Passed away on 1st June 2018

Late. Mr. Shrikant Amdekar
Membership No: O - 174. Passed away on 29th April 2018

Late. Mr. Dimple J. Shah
Membership No: L - 0779. Passed away on 27th April 2018

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