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Know Your Member


Know Your Member

Know Your Memeber (KYM) FORM Download

Managing Committee has been regularly requesting members for updating their data in Members Database. However, the response to the same has not been very encouraging. Due to an incomplete database we are not able to fully integrate the Information Technology (I.T.) systems available at Dadar Club leading to duplication of efforts and incurrence of avoidable costs. Furthermore, any move to integrate I.T. systems with an incomplete database will lead to mass scale confusion and inconvenience to members. Member's data is very important for efficient functioning of the Club. Also, this data will help your Managing Committee to work out proposals, events and activities for the members in a better manner. In the best interests of Dadar Club, we have once again started the exercise of Member Database Updation. You can download the form at i.e. the official website of Dadar Club.

All members are requested to submit the physical copy of their form along with the latest passport size photographs and self-attested copies of relevant documents of themselves, their dependent spouse and dependent children (dependent son and unmarried dependent daughter) up to the age of 25 years, to Administrative Office on the 5th floor during office hours or at the front desk in lobby area on Sundays. The last date of submission is 30th April 2018. Members can also collect the Blank Forms, if required, from Administrative office on the 5th Floor. All members are requested to note that WITH EFFECT FROM 1ST September 2018, ENTRY TO THE CLUB AND DEPARTMENTAL ACCESS WILL BE UPON THE PRESENTATION OR SWIPING OF DADAR CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARDS WHICH ARE KYM COMPLIANT.

All members are requested to kindly co-operate and submit their KYM forms along with relevant documents by 30th August 2018. For further information, kindly contact Administrative office between 11.00 AM to 06.00 PM from Monday to Saturday.


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