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Dadar Club was started as a sports activity, called "Mansukh Tennis Club". The initiators of the organisation were professionals, committed to create an organisation of social and sports activity, for the benefit of middle class citizens. Dr. Jivaraj Mehta, an eminent physician, who rose to the post of Dean, G. S. medical college and K.E.M hospital, later to be minister in Morarjee Desai's cabinet of Mumbai state and still later assumed the position of Chief Minister of Gujarat.Alongwith Mr. M. R. Tambe, an eminent official of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, conceived this idea and made efforts to start this institution.It started when two tennis enthusiasts Mr. M. R. Tambe and Dr. Jivraj Mehta came together in 1928 to form this Club.

Dadar Club was a small structure with meager facilities, the institution had constraints to exist and grow. It has to be accepted that the growth of an institution depends upon the financial might it can create. The members of this institution made sincere efforts to maintain its identity as an institution for socially committed and responsible members to run the institution and maintain its character.

Dadar Club is a home near home, a place to exchange ideas, a ground to play for our children and an ideal meeting place for families to spend time near their homes. Commitment, colaboration and co-operation should be our motto and continuous growth should be our aim.

Dadar Club started out as a tennis and bridge club housed in a small ground floor structure awaiting its next milestone. The big moment came in 1971 when an additional floor was erected and activities such as billiards, snooker, bar & restaurant etc. were added. This small two storied club became home to many of its members.

Dadar Club has illustrious members like Mr. Om Agrawal, the world snooker champion and Mr. Subhash Agrawal, the billiards national champion,who spent hours at this very club for practising their skills.

Dadar Club once again caught up in the year 2005. A group of dedicated members, who were then the Trustees and Managing Committee members, took up the challenge of converting this 5000 Sq. Ft. Club into a modern futuristic club of nearly 58,000 Sq. Ft. with state of art sports and other facilities. They were supported by several like minded members in this arduous journey. This dream was finally achieved in 2013.

Dadar Club is a state-of-art but at heart it still continues to be home away from home to its members and open from 6 am to 12 am. It is a 5 storeyed structure with 9 residential rooms and all other facilities such as modern gymnasium,banquet hall,billirads room,card room,veg-non veg. restaurants,bar,indoor games,library etc.

Dadar Club today, is well known for its tasty food and several musical events, patriotic events, festival events etc. happening every month in banquet hall, Bar and lawns.

Dadar club is about 150 meters away from the Dadar(E) railway station.It is almost 13 kms away from the domestic airport and 17 kms from the international airport. As on March 2019, the club has more than 2000 prestigious members.

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Member Gets Member Scheme

(L-R) Jt. Hon. Secretary Mr. Shreerang Aras, Jt. Hon. Secretary Mr. Pramod Athavale, Mrs. & Mr. Satish Manjure & Committee Member Mr. Mandar Ghosalkar

Member, Mr. Satish Manjure who brought two memberships (1 Life Member & 1 ordinary Member) for Dadar Club, was awarded a coupon of Rs. 22,000/- (2 % of membership amount) under the "Member gets Member scheme". The coupon can be used to pay departmental, Bar & restaurant charges. We congratulate Mr. Satish Manjure.

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