Timing: 6 AM to 10 PM / Sunday 6 AM to 1 PM
Locker Key - Lock By Member
Massage Per Session - * GST/taxes Extra
Ordinary Oil & Shower Special Oil & Shower
Member Guest Member Guest
300 500 500 700


Pandemic rules:

Regular rules:
01- Timing: 6AM to 8PM.
02- The massage facility will be closed on every 2nd Sunday for maintenance prupose.
03- The members who use the lockers are requested to bring their own locks and keys.
a- The locker should be left open and in empty condition after the session is over.
b-The locker found locked after Gym & Health Club hours will be sealed and Rs. 500/- fine will be levied.
c- If the member will not turn up the next day the locker will be broken at member's risk and the articles therein will be retained in the office for 3 days.Rs. 1000 fine will be charged on collecting the articles from the office.
d- Dadar Club will not be responsible for any damage or loss of articles of any nature.
04- Members must carry their own towels.
05- Members are advised to seek medical consultation and clearance before embarking on any massage programs.
06- Members must carry own bottle of oil.
07- A personal towel must be used at all times. 08- Members are responsible for their own safety and any injuries incurred while getting the massage.
09- Food and drinks except for plain water, is not allowed any time.
10- No smoking or alcohol consumption on premises.
11- Members shall use the massage facility at their own risk. Neither staff or Dadar Club shall be liable for any loss or damage to property or death or personal injury.
12- All Members are required to comply with the instructions given by the management & staff on duty.
13- The management & staff on duty reserve the right to refuse a person entry into the massage room.
14- if in the opinion of the management & staff on duty, the Member has violated any of the rules and regulations, the management reserves the right to take necessary disciplinary action.
15- Management reserves the right to ammend the above rules and regulations at its own discretion at any time.