Timing: 6 AM to 11 PM
Fees Rs. Plus 18% G.S.T.
Period Member Snr.Ctzn Guest Casual
1 Session 150 75 300 NA
1 Month 1100 550 2500 NA
3 Months 3000 1500 NA NA
6 Months 5600 2800 NA NA
1 Year 10600 5300 NA NA


01- Timing: 6AM to 10PM.
02- The Gymn & Health Club will be closed on every 2nd Sunday for maintenance prupose.
03-The members who use the lockers are requested to bring their own locks and keys.
a- The locker should be left open and in empty condition after the session is over.
b- The locker found locked after Gym & Health Club hours will be sealed and Rs. 500/- fine will be levied.
c- If the member will not turn up the next day the locker will be broken at member's risk and the articles therein will be retained in the office for 3 days.Rs. 1000 fine will be charged on collecting the articles from the office.
d- Dadar Club will not be responsible for any damage or loss of articles of any nature.
04- Members must carry their own towels.
05- No equipment should be carried outside the gymnasium.
06- Photo or videography is strictly prohibited.
07- Medical consent certificate must be produced whenever requested by authoruties.
08- Members must use standard workout clothes.
09- Swimsuits, jeans and street clothes & shoes are not allowed.
10- The management & gym staff on duty reserve the right to decide on the suitability of the sporting attire worn by gym users.
11- Dry, closed-top athletic shoes or sneakers must be worn at all times. No dress shoes, sandals, boots, Slippers, open-toed shoes, or bare feet are permitted.
12- Outside used footwear is strictly prohibited.
13- A personal towel must be used at all times. Members are not allowed to share towels. Members must wipe their sweat off the seats or machines that are used.
14- Do not slam, drop, clang or throw dumbbells or free weights on the floor when you are finished.
15- Replace equipments to its original state and location after use.
16- Stand 3 feet away from the glass mirror when carrying the dumbbells and free weights.
17- Members will be held responsible for any damages caused to the equipment by them.
18- Members are responsible for their own safety and any injuries incurred while using the equipment.
19- Food and drinks except for plain water, is not allowed at the workout at any time. Water consumed during workout must be in a container with a lid. Any spills must be cleaned immediately.
20- No smoking or alcohol consumption on premises.
21- Members are advised to seek medical consultation and clearance before embarking on any exercise programs. 22- Adjustments to the stereo, fans, or other equipment is to be made by staff only.
23- Members shall use the gym at their own risk. Neither staff or Dadar Club shall be liable for any loss or damage to property or death or personal injury.
24- All Members are required to comply with the instructions given by the management & staff on duty.
25- The management & staff on duty reserve the right to refuse a person entry into the gym, and / or if the person is already in the gym, to prohibit the person from further usage of the gym by instructing the person to leave the gym immediately.
26- if in the opinion of the management & staff on duty, the Member has violated any of the rules and regulations, the management reserves the right to take necessary disciplinary action.
27- Management reserves the right to ammend the above rules and regulations at its own discretion at any time.