Timing: 2 PM to 9:45 PM
Fees are exclusive of 18% G.S.T.
Fees are for 1 session comprising of 30 minutes
Period Member Snr.Ctzn Guest Casual
1 Session (30 mins) 75 40 150 NA
1 Month 1100 550 3500 NA
3 Months 3000 1500 NA NA
6 Months 5600 2600 NA 18000
1 Year 10600 5300 NA NA


1. Billiard Department Timings:

a. 1:45pm to 2:00pm - Table cleaning time
b. 2:00pm to 9:45pm - Play time
c. Open all 7 days of the week

2. Playing System
Members desiring to play shall put up their name on the board for that table. Order of play will be determined strictly by names on the board. The name first on the board shall have choice of game vis-a-vis Billiards or snooker. No member can put his name on another table while his current game is in progress.

3. Playing slots duration
a. Solo Practice - 30 mins
b. 2, 3 players - 30 mins
c. 4 players - 60 mins
d. Solo practice only allowed when no other name is on board

6. PreferencePreference will be given to regular departmental members on Table 1 and Table 2. Casual members will be allowed to play on these tables when no members are using the same.
a. Applicability : From 1st Aug 2018 onwards

7. Fresher Rule
a. Applicability : Regular members only
b. Any player/s who has played at least 60 mins (2 slots) or more, cannot put his name on the board for the table at which a Fresh member is playing till the fresh member completes 2 slots
c. Fresh members desiring to play their first game should put up their name on the board as per regular rule. If two names are already on board then the fresh members will have to wait their turn.

8. Dress code
a. No Shorts
b. No chappals

9. Silence Silence to be maintained in the billiard room at all times. Cell phones need to be placed in silent mode and all calls need to be attended to outside the billiard room.

10. General
Members should maintain utmost decorum.

a. Only sitting marker can be used for member's indoor service.
b. Sofas are for sitting. Please place all cue cases under the table so as to not cause inconvenience for other players.

11. Markers
a. break timings
i. Table 1 - 5:00 - 5:30 pm
ii. Table 2 - 5:30 - 6:00 pm
iii. Table 3 - 6:00 - 6:30 pm

b. If less than 3 markers report for duty on any given day then they will be assigned as below. Players desiring to avail of marker facility should put their names only on the corresponding table.
i. Table 1 - if only one marker
ii. Table 1, 2 - if only 2 markers

c. Only sitting marker can be used for member's indoor service.

d. Markers are empowered to enforce the above rules. All members are requested to cooperate with the markers to ensure smooth functioning of the billiard room.

12. Cellphones
1. Members are requested to keep cellphone on vibration mode else he will be fined Rs. 100 /- for every offense.
2. Member must go out of card room to talk on phone otherwise he will be fined Rs. 100 /- for every offense.
3. Members are requested to avoid using of unparliamentarily language and maintain silence and else disciplinary action may be taken as deemed fit in case of any complaint.