Timing: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Booking Minimum 6 Hours
Security Deposit of Rs. 5000/-
Period Charges
First 6 Hours Rs. 5000 / Hour + GST
Additional Hour Rs. 1000 / Hour + GST

Slot Charges Extra Hour
Exhibition 6 hours with extra lights Rs. 8500 /- + GST Rs. 1500 /- + GST
Exhibition for full day with extra lights Rs. 15000 /- + GST Rs. 1500 /- + GST


Regular rules:
01- Booking shall be done by the Member.
02- Electronic Sound shall be stopped by 10PM.
03- Alcoholic drinks shall be permitted with the permission of excise office.
04- No food or beverage shall be carried out of Hall.
05- All food items shall be provided by the monopoly caterer of the club.
06- For any serious issue the Member shall be held responsible.
07- Full rent shall be taken for advance booking,
08- No fire activities shall be allowed within Club premises.
09- Room shall be vacated before 11PM.
10- Booking slot shall be alloted as per the other bookings.
11- The sound system if required, must be availed from the monopoly agency of the Club.