Dadar Club


Khiladi Scheme 2023- 24

Dear Members,
The Managing Committee is glad to inform Members that it is introducing ‘Khiladi Scheme FY2023-2024’ for the benefit of Members wherein the departmental access fees of Swimming, Lawn Tennis, Gymnasium, Health Club, Table Tennis, Cards Room and Billiards & Snooker for the period 01st April 2023 to 31st March 2024 can be paid till 20th May 2023, for themselves and their dependents (i.e. Primary Member and / or Dependent Spouse and / or Dependent Son & Dependent Unmarried Daughter Below 25 Years of Age as on 31-03-2023), in the following manner.
Fees excluding GST.

1. Single person to enroll on a membership number: Rs. 13,000/- (Rupees Thirteen Thousand Only),

2. Two people to enroll on a membership number: Rs. 21,000/- (Rupees Twenty One Thousand Only),

3. Three people to enroll on a membership number: Rs. 26,000/- (Rupees Twenty Six Thousand Only),

4. Four people to enroll on a membership number: Rs. 32,000/- (Rupees Thirty Two Thousand Only),

Members having any prior dues of the departments covered under Khiladi Scheme shall be required to first pay such prior dues and shall then only be enrolled under the Khiladi Scheme.

Dependent Children wishing to enrol under Khiladi Scheme should be less than 25 years of age as on the last date of Khiladi Scheme period i.e. 31-03-2023. Thus, only those dependent children who were born on or after 01-04-1998 shall be eligible to enrol under Khiladi Scheme.

Members can submit their Khiladi Form at Dadar Club Front Desk along with necessary payment between 06.00 AM and 10.00 PM from 01-04-2023 and up to 30-04-2023.

Members are requested to note that Coaching, Personal Training (Add on Facilities), other than those mentioned herein above, will be charged at actuals.

Members are also requested to note that the benefits available under Khiladi Scheme are available only upon enrolment and not prior to that.

Members are requested to take benefit of this scheme at the earliest and in fullest.