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Khiladi Scheme

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Dear Members,

Kindly note that in view of the strict restrictions that were imposed in Mumbai during April 2021 & May 2021, your Managing Committee in its meeting held on 12th June 2021 has decided to revise the rates of 'Khiladi Scheme' for FY 2021-2022 and extend the last date for enrollment to 31st July 2021 for the benefit of Dadar Club Members.

Members enrolling under Khiladi Scheme can now access Lawn Tennis, Swimming, Gymnasium, Health Club, Table Tennis, Cards Room and Billiards & Snooker department for the period up to 31st March 2022 by paying fees mentioned hereunder on or before 31st July 2021, for themselves and their dependents (i.e. Primary Member and / or Dependent Spouse and / or Dependent Son & Dependent Unmarried Daughter below 25 years of age as on 31-03-2022 [i.e. born on or after 01st April 1997), in the following manner:

01. Single person to enroll on a membership number = Rs. 9,000/- incl. GST.

02. Two people to enroll on a membership number = Rs. 13,500/- incl. GST.

03. Three people to enroll on a membership number = Rs. 17,550/- incl. GST.

04. Four people to enroll on a membership number = Rs. 21,600/- incl. GST.

05. Senior Citizen (65 years & above as on date of enrollment) to enroll on a membership number = Rs. 4,500/- incl. GST. (Cannot be clubbed with enrollment under 1, 2, 3 and 4 mentioned above)

Senior Citizens rate shall be applicable for members aged 65 years and above as on the date of enrolment i.e. born on or before 31st July 1956 leading to an age of 65 years and above as on the date of enrolment.

Dependent Children wishing to enroll under Khiladi Scheme should be less than 25 years of age as on the last date of Khiladi Scheme period i.e. 31-03-2022. Thus, only those children who were born on or after 01-04-1997 shall be eligible.

Members who have already paid Khiladi Scheme Enrolment Fee for FY 2021-2022 shall be refunded the excess amount paid by them in due course.

Members desirous of adjusting any departmental fees against Khiladi Scheme fees are required to apply to Hon. Jt. Secretary. Any adjustment shall be effected only upon receipt of such application.

All members are requested that the above fees paid for Khiladi Scheme shall not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstance whatsoever.

Members can enroll by filing up the form available at the link mentioned above.

For form filing assistance, kindly contact Front Desk Team at 9930032973 or 022 24143627 (ext. 1) or
email at

For payment assistance, kindly contact Accounts Team at 9930032145 or 022 24143627 (ext. 3) or
email at

For identification card assistance, kindly contact Administration Team at 9930032975 or 022 24143627 (ext. 2) or
email at

The last date for payment of enrolment fees and submission of form is 31st July 2021.

The Coaching, Training, Personal Consumption Charges and charges other than those mentioned herein above, will be charged as extra fees at actuals. Members are also requested to note that the benefits available under Khiladi Scheme are available only upon enrolment and not prior to that.

Members are requested to take benefit of this scheme at the earliest and in fullest.


Mr. Shreerang Aras
Mr. Ashwin Deshmukh
Hon. Jt. Secretaries.