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Dadar Club Early Bird Scheme - 2019

The Managing Committee is glad to inform members that it is introducing "EARLY BIRD SCHEME" for FY 2019 - 2020 for the benefit of ORDINARY, NEW ORDINARY & SPOUSE members wherein such members can pay, between 01st April 2019 to 30th April 2019, their entire monthly subscription charge, plus GST, for the period 01st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 and be entitled for an "Early Bird Coupon" to be calculated at the rate of 8.33% (Eight Point Three Three Percent) (rounded off to nearest Rupee) of the basic monthly subscription charge, excluding GST, paid by such member for the said period.

Such coupon will be redeemable at par, in full, at all the departments of Dadar Club, apart from the payment made to Caterer, Decorator and Sound System Provider for functions held in Banquet Hall and 2nd floor Multi-Purpose Room. The coupon will be redeemable up to 31st March 2020 and shall thereafter automatically expire.

Members who have already paid their monthly subscription charges for the period 01st April 2019 and onwards will be given credit of such payments at the time of coupon value calculation. Members are requested to provide the receipts of such payments at the time of availing Early Bird Scheme. In case of cheque payments, kindly note that coupon issuance will be upon cheque realization.

Members having any dues for the period prior to 01st April 2019 are requested to note that they will be eligible for Early Bird Scheme only upon entire payment of such earlier dues on or before 31st March 2019 and such earlier dues shall not qualify for coupon calculation.

Members are requested to take benefit of this scheme at the earliest and in fullest.


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