Dadar Club

Restarting Of Permit Room / Bar

Dear Members,
We have pleasure to inform you that your Managing Committee (MC) has taken decision to restart the bar facility on 2nd floor with snacks from Mon. 11th January 2021. The Lawn tennis, Cards room, Billiards room, Table tennis & Gymnasium have alredy been restarted.

We request members to follow all the Covid-19 related regulations set by government, municipal authorities and Dadar Club management, which are already circulated.

i- Bar on 2nd floor timings:
1st Session:
12PM- 3PM.
Last order at 2:15PM.

ii- 2nd Session:
. Last Order 9:45PM.

ii- Occupancy:
Please Note 50% occupancy for above Venue at any given point of time as per Govt SOP.

iii- Guests:
Per member maximum 2 guest shall be allowed and the member must be present with the guest from the entry to exit of the guest.

iv- Guest fee:
Rs. 100 per person.

We request your co-operation with Management and the Staff.

General & Covid-19 requirements:

1- Dadar Club members and guests must carry their liquor permits.
2- Members will be required to complete and submit Health & Safety Declaration / Waiver Form.
3- Members with age over 65 are advised to stay at home. However, in the event they insist to use the facility they may do so entirely at their own risk and cost.
4- Members with co-morbidities are not being permitted to the facilities at this stage. Symptomatic members with cold, cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat etc. are not permitted entry. The Duty staff has been authorized to request Members with any symptoms to leave the club.
5- At the time of entry to the Club, Members would be thermally scanned and checked for wearing face masks covering nose and mouth. Hand sanitization facilities have been made available at multiple points for use by members.
6- The Air conditioner temperature shall be between 24° & 30°C.
7- All SOPs will be applicable to the duty staff.
8- Members are requested to observe all above guidelines and not engage with staff and others with needless arguments. Members and guests are also requested not to loiter around other areas of the Club and engage in to socializing.
9- Disciplinary action shall be taken against Member not observing / violating above guidelines and SOPs.


1- Wearing of the mask is compulsory except during eating and drinking.
2- Maximum 4 members can sit on 1 table.
3- Minimum 6' distance must be maintained between 2 tables.
4- Every person entering the permit room must sanitize hands.
5- Installation and use of "Arogya Setu" app is advised to all.

Members will appreciate that strict adherence of the above guidelines is in their own interest, in the interest of the Club and other Members. We request cooperation from the Members using the above facilities. These guidelines will be modified in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Government from time to time.


Front Desk: 24143627 / 24140590 / 24154282

Chief Operational Mangaer:
Extension - 1

Admin Officer:
Extension - 2

Accounts Executive:
Extension -3

Mr. Shreerang Aras
Mr. Ashwin Deshmukh
Hon. Jt. Secretaries,