Dadar Club
Constitution Ammendment Draft

Dear Member,

Dear Member,

We have already mailed on 14th June 2019 the copy of Trustee's draft constitution amendment / replacement for your comments and suggestions. Till today we have not received satisfactory response from the members. The constitution is an important document, since working of the club is governed by the constitution. If the suggestions are received well in advance, then Managing Committee will get sufficient time to consider or reject the suggestions. To enable approval of the New Constitution at the General Body Meeting, the Members who have submitted their comments / suggestions in advance, only those will be discussed since General Body Meeting can not get in to endless & inconclusive debate. The Trustees & Managing Committee intend to get the draft approved by the General Body as early as possible.

We are therefore re - sending the constitution ammendmend draft. Members are requested to study and mail their suggestions to as soon as possible. Please note, no extension will be granted beyond 31st March 2020 as Managing Committee will thereafter, will require time to consider and deliberate your suggestions/ comments.

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For Managing Committee

Mr. Ashwin Deshmukh
Mr. Shreerang aras