Dadar Club

General Meetings & Elections

Dear Members,
Hope you all are doing well and taking adequate precautions to stay in good health. The Members are requested to take maximum precautions to fight the Corona Pandemic. Stay fit and healthy.

Dadar Club General Meetings have been scheduled on 31st Oct. 2021 as follows -
A) Adjourned Annual General Meeting of 24th Nov. 2019: 31.10.2021 at 09:30AM.
B) Extra Ordinary General Meeting to hold Elections for Board of Trustees (B.O.T.), Managing Committee (MC) & Scrutiny Committee (SC): 31.10.2021 at 11:00AM
C) Voting: 31.10.2021 from 12:00PM to 7PM

Note: The provisional accounts of FY 2019 -20 will be circulated to members and the audited accounts will be presented in the AGM after the Elections 2021.

The General Meeting details are available on the link below containing the following details -
1- Notice of adjourned 90th Annual General Meeting of Dadar Club.
2- Minutes of AGM DT. 24th Nov. 2019.
3- Independent Auditor's Report to the Members of Dadar Club 18-21.
4- Annual Accounts FY 2018-2019 22-30.
5- Cash Flow Statement FY 2018-2019 31-32.
6- Notes to Accounts.
7- Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting.
8- Obituary.
9- Election 2021 schedule.

Please click to open / download -
Details of General Meetings

The hard copy of the Booklet of meetings will be available in the Club's office after 12th Oct. 2021 during office hours.

The Members are requested to attend the meetings and exercise their right of voting. Please note on account of General Meetings and Elections thereafter, only Primary Members of the Club will be permitted entry to Club's premises on 31.10.2021.

The Meetings and Election process shall be conducted as per the rules and regulations set by Government, Municipal Authorities and Dadar club Management. The Members must follow the pandemic notifications issued by Government, Municipal authorities and the rules and the Rules & Regulations (S.O.P.) set by the Managing Committee (CT).

All the required equipments such as Oximeter, Temperature meter, Sanitizers are provided at the Club entrance gate.

The Club Management and the deputed staff reserves the right to restrict the entry of any member found in violation of S.O.P. or any of the above notifications.

The Office staff contact:
Dadar Club Office: 24143627 / 24140590 / 241544282

Chief Operational Mangaer: Extension - 1

Admin Officer: Extension - 2

Accounts Executive: Extension -3


Mr. Shreerang Aras
Mr. Ashwin Deshmukh
Hon. Jt. Secretaries.